Locati Impianti a wealth of ideas

Every company needs good technical and design knowledge, which must be continuously and expertly applied in each area of production. This represents an ever-changing challenge for us, which is tackled successfully every time, thanks to our company structure and innovation.

The workshop, which is divided into sheltered locations and warehouses, is provided with shelves, movement and lifting systems as well as numerous tools and facilities. There is a cutting department equipped with automatic and manual facilities as well as an automatic plasma cutting and fitting machine. Our departments are separated according to the type of materials and there are segregated places for stainless and carbon steel.

In our workshop materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, alloys, duplex and superduplex are wrought and used to manufacture piping, vessels and other structures. There is a tackweld department where specialized operators prepare vessels, piping and other parts of the plant which will be finished by welding. Our operators are specialized and qualified in most welding methods, such as GMAW, GTAW, SMAW, SAW (no. 5 authomatic machines).

All the components are pre-assembled and checked before being sent out for superficial treatments, which are carried out by our trusted, specialized companies (painting, pickling, passivation). In full compliance with technical and design specifications, we complete the assembly of the whole plant, including electrical parts, and finally do functional tests and F.A.T.s

Our workshop is outfitted with:
No. 1 welding robots
No. 1 submerged arc 5000 x 5000mm with 1000A generator
No. 1 Automatic plasma cutting system for tubes until Ø610mm
No. 3 semiautomatic welding systems GTAW-GMAW-SAW
No. 2 rolls machines until 70mm thickness
No. 2 pipe bending machines until Ø3”
No. 1 oleo dynamic press
No. 2 lathes until 1000mm
Welding machines TIG-MIG-MAG and Electrodes
Positioners with rotating board from 500Kg to 12000Kg
No. 2 manual plasma cutting
Lifting systems:
No. 13 bridge cranes from 2 to 80 tons
No. 2 jib cranes from 500 to 1000 Kg
No. 1 aerial working platform up to 12 mt.
No. 3 forklift trucks up to 70 ql.

Locati Impianti srl is specialized in designing and manufacturing pressure vessels, filtration and liquid gas treatment plants, dosing system skids, lubrication systems, cooling systems and air/gas compressor packages for various market sectors including mechanical, chemical and petrochemical industries.

Information and contacts

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